Guidebook for Practitioners: Renewable Energy Zone (REZ) Transmission Planning Process

Policymakers, planners, and system operators around the world have used variations of the REZ process to chart expansion of their transmission networks and overcome barriers of traditional transmission planning approaches.

The REZ Transmission Process: Guidebook for Practitioners helps power system planners, key decision makers, and stakeholders apply the REZ process to integrate transmission expansion planning and renewable energy generation planning. The REZ Guidebook:

  • Details each step of the REZ process from setting a vision for the activity through to identifying transmission upgrades
  • Offers an organizational structure for an effective, stakeholder inclusive REZ process
  • Draws from the Texas Competitive Renewable Energy Zones (CREZ) process used in Texas between 2005 and 2015 and may be modified based on unique circumstances.

The first sections of the REZ Guidebook detail when the REZ process may be applicable, outline the steps, and propose an organizational structure. The remaining sections describe each step of the REZ process in detail.

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