Transmission Planning Studies for the Renewable Energy Zone (REZ) Process

Transmission planning studies help power system planners determine how they can best supply load with renewable energy. The early steps of the REZ process result in the identification of multiple candidate REZs. Many potentially feasible transmission expansion and upgrade options may exist to deliver the electricity from these zones to load. Knowledge of the location and target installed capacity of each candidate REZ allows power system planners to conduct transmission planning studies that identify the costs, benefits, and reliability impacts associated with various transmission line additions, equipment upgrades, and new substations and transformers. Furthermore, such studies help identify the lowest-cost, preferred transmission enhancement (upgrade and/or expansion) option that meets reliability and other system requirements.

Author(s): Lee, Nathan , Roberts, Billy

Publication Date: 2017

Download File: application/pdf Transmission Planning Studies for the Renewable Energy Zone (REZ) Process.pdf — 825.2 KB

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