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The Energy Storage Toolkit offers resources and guidance to support developing countries in addressing barriers to and taking advantage of opportunities for safe, effective, and accelerated deployment of integrated storage to power systems. This page contains a list of resources that power system stakeholder can use to better understand the opportunities energy storage can provide to the power system, and answers fundamental questions surrounding energy storage at a high level.

Fundamentals of Energy Storage

National Renewable Energy Laboratory, October 2022

This slide deck was developed for and presented at an Energy Fundamentals Course hosted by the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). While some of the content in the slide deck is tailored to Bangladesh specifically, this presentation is intended to be a general primer on energy storage that can be utilized for similar purposes by other universities or organizations throughout the world.

Behind-the-Meter Battery Storage: Frequently Asked Questions

National Renewable Energy Laboratory, August 2021

This quick read provides concise answers to frequently asked questions about behind-the-meter (BTM) storage systems. It includes a basic introduction to BTM energy storage and the services it can provide and helps dispel some common misconceptions. It touches on the building blocks that support BTM storage deployment and its safe incorporation into power system operations. Examples and best practices from advanced jurisdictions that can be applied elsewhere are also included.

Battery Storage for Resilience

National Renewable Energy Laboratory, June 2021

As the capital costs of battery storage systems are decreasing, new opportunities to cost-effectively deploy the technology, often paired with renewable energy technologies, are emerging. At the same time, the duration and frequency of natural disasters is increasing. As a result, a growing number of institutions are deploying battery storage systems as a resilient energy solution because traditional backup power solutions, like diesel generators, are not always sufficient, especially during longer-duration and larger-scale disasters.

Energy Storage Partnership (ESP) Factsheet

Energy Sector Management Assistance Program, July 2020

This fact sheet discusses a global partnership convened by the World Bank Group to foster international cooperation to adapt and develop energy storage solutions for developing countries.

Cybersecurity and Distributed Energy Resources

National Renewable Energy Laboratory, April 2020

This fact sheet addresses cybersecurity for distributed energy resources (DERs) and identifies best practices in cybersecurity governance, technical management of cyber-physical systems, and physical security.

Grid-Scale Battery Storage: Frequently Asked Questions

National Renewable Energy Laboratory, September 2019

This fact sheet provides concise answers to frequently asked questions about grid-scale battery energy storage systems.

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