Tools & Templates

Greening the Grid seeks to connect stakeholders and decision makers to tools and templates that they can use to understand energy storage systems. The tools below are used globally for energy storage analysis and development.

System Advisory Model (SAM)

SAM is a techno-economic computer model that calculates performance and financial metrics of renewable energy projects, including performance models for photovoltaic (PV) with optional electric battery storage. Project developers, policymakers, equipment manufacturers, and researchers use graphs and tables of SAM results in the process of evaluating financial, technology, and incentive options for renewable energy projects.

 Renewable Energy Integration and Optimization (REopt)

 REopt is a techno-economic decision support platform that evaluates how energy storage can be leveraged for economic savings through demand reduction, time-of-use shifting, and participation in demand response programs, ancillary service markets, and frequency regulation markets. REopt looks at storage integrated with other energy assets and calculates system sizes and operating strategies to maximize economic benefit.

BLAST: Battery Lifetime Analysis and Simulation Tool Suite

Pairs NREL's high-fidelity battery degradation model with electrical and thermal performance models specific to batteries and larger systems.

 QuEST: An Energy Storage Evaluation Application Suite

 Sandia National Laboratories

QuEST currently consists of three interconnected applications (Data Manager, Valuation and BTM) that individually and collectively help project engineers and researchers evaluate energy storage systems for different use cases.

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