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Energy Storage Guidebook

The USAID-NREL team has made a new Energy Storage Guidebook available on Greening the Grid. Housed within the Energy Storage toolkit, the guidebook provides decision makers with information needed to make informed policy, regulatory, and investment decisions regarding grid-connected energy storage.

As many countries seek to reduce their carbon emissions and increase the amount of variable renewable energy (VRE) on their grids, energy storage provides an attractive solution to provide grid flexibility and reliability. This guidebook is designed to provide relevant decision makers with the information they need to understand energy storage and to make informed policy, regulatory, and investment decisions around grid-connected energy storage. This guidebook is focused on grid-connected storage, which is storage that is connected to a centralized power system.

Access the Energy Storage Guidebook here.

This guidebook is based on information from two USAID-NREL reports:

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