USAID is supporting energy security in Colombia by helping the Government of Colombia diversify its energy mix, stabilize energy costs, and electrify rural areas in support of peace and development.

In collaboration with USAID, NREL is providing stakeholders across Colombia technical assistance and expertise. Examples include:

  • Capacity building with the Colombian Association of Electric Power Generators (ALCOGEN) and the Colombian Association of Distribution Utilities (ASOCODIS) on topics such as variable renewable energy integration, grid modernization, smart metering, and utility business models.
  • Supported the Colombian energy regulator (CREG) in the development of new regulations to allow and guide distributed energy investments and sale of excess to the grid by all customer classes. The new regulation can be found here.
  • Supported Colombia’s independent grid operator (XM) develop grid codes for variable renewable energy.
  • Provided technical support on guide for interconnection of small self-generation solar.
  • Collaborating with National Planning Department to understand challenges and opportunities for electrification work in Colombia’s Peace Zones.


Sherry Stout

Power plant map

The map below shows the location, type and size of power plants operating in Colombia.

Power plants in Colombia

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