NREL and its in-country partners are supporting Mexico reduce its carbon emissions by 2030 by supporting energy efficiency, renewable energy, mobility, and distributed generation upgrades across the country.

Photo from the Mexican Wind Energy Association

21st Century Power Partnership (21CPP)

The 21CPP is a multilateral effort of the Clean Energy Ministerial and serves as a platform for public-private collaboration to advance integrated policy, regulatory, financial, and technical solutions for the large-scale deployment of renewable energy in combination with deep energy efficiency and smart grid solutions. The Government of Mexico has established an overarching goal to reduce its carbon emissions by 2030, aligned with the Paris Climate Accords goal of no more than 1.5 degrees Celsius of warming. Mexico also aims to achieve net zero CO2eq emissions by 2062. The USAID Mexico program and the 21CPP Mexico program have partnered (or collaborated) in various areas to bring technical assistance to Mexico and achieve greater results.

Through 21CPP, NREL and its country partner Iniciativa Climática de México (ICM) collaborate to support Mexico with:

  • Energy efficiency upgrades targeting a 1.9% decrease in energy intensity per year.
  • Subnational and federal assistance to achieve large scale renewable energy generation.
  • Reducing 140 Mtonnes of CO2 by 2030 from the mobility sector.
  • Targeted technical solutions and innovative programs to deploy 15 GW of distributed generation by 2030.

NREL is providing several key areas of expertise to help the subnational governments and federal institutions of Mexico achieve these goals utilizing stakeholder engagement, policy analysis, and energy system planning expertise, including:

  • Training for public and private actors and curating public information.
  • Policy analysis and national electricity system planning
  • Public mobilization and engagement
  • Power market analysis and program design.
  • Applied use of tools models and international best practices.


Supported by 21CPP, several Mexican states are starting to implement carbon emission reduction strategies, including enacting policies and designing pilot programs that support energy efficiency and distributed renewable energy deployment. Several states have also partnered with the private sector to launch new funding mechanisms for distributed generation. Federal institutions have also enacted distributed energy resources (DER) regulations and policies.

Key Partners



Riccardo Bracho 

Power plant map

The map below shows the location, type and size of power plants operating in Mexico.

mexico pp

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