Policy and Regulatory Environment for Utility-Scale Energy Storage: India

Energy storage has the potential to address many challenges in India's evolving power sector. This report was developed for policymakers to identify regulation, policy, and program priories that will enable storage deployment in India.

India’s electric power system is in the midst of a dramatic shift, with both increases in demand and greater shares of renewable energy. These changes present challenges and opportunities; energy storage is a promising solution to many of these challenges and accelerate India's energy transition. Previous energy storage analyses in India have focused on the bulk power system, including ancillary services, energy arbitrage, and transmission network support. This report applies an Energy Storage Readiness Assessment (see more here) developed by NREL for policymakers and regulators to identify policy and program priorities to enable storage deployment. This assessment uses a simple evaluation scheme to identify the barriers and opportunities for utility-scale energy storage within India’s policy and regulatory environment.

Read the report, here!

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