Quantifying Rooftop Solar Benefits: a State-Level Value of Solar Analysis for India

This report, released in January 2021, provides a value of solar analysis for two states in India: Gujarat and Jharkhand, and provides details related to the methodology and key findings.

Analyses that quantify the costs and benefits associated with rooftop solar (RTS) adoption and operation can inform decision-makers in the development and evaluation of RTS policies. One such analysis is a Value of Solar (VOS) study, which quantifies select costs and benefits surrounding RTS based on the electricity system context. These studies can drive changes to existing policies towards fairer, more cost-reflective RTS compensation or alternatively can provide confidence for the decision-maker to stay the course and largely maintain existing policies. The methodology considers four benefit categories (Energy, Generating Capacity, Transmission Capacity, and Environmental and Health), two cost categories (Program Administrative Costs and RTS Integration Costs), and two scenarios (existing levels of renewable energy capacity and significant capacity additions to meet established renewable energy targets).

Read the report, here!

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